What Is Honey and Lace

Honey and Lace in a Nutshell

Honey and Lace was founded by Dianne Ingram.  While the Maxi skirt started it all for Dianne, this small company has blossomed into so many more styles that you are sure to love.

What Makes Honey and Lace Different

At Honey and Lace comfort, style and uniqueness are a big deal.  Our styles are ever changing with the fashion trends and seasons.  With less than 2000 consultants in the US, be sure to grab the pieces you love quickly.  Currently all exclusive pieces are made in the USA!

How To Shop

You can shop either in home at our boutique, our downline girls boutiques, at a local event or online.  To shop in our boutiques, please email us to set up a time that works for you.  For online shopping please join the groups provided.  In the photos sections will be items for sale.  Comment sold and wait for an invoice.  Our consultants will ship your brand new Honey and Lace right to your home!  You are also welcome to come and shop at a local event.  We always love meeting our shoppers!